There are many times I prefer Efficascent Oil over Omega whenever I need something to ease the pain or numbness on my hands and arms after hours of typing. I like the warmth that washes over my skin and the flow of soft heat that goes deeper into my flesh and gives relief. I also like the smell hahaha. I know though there are many who are not fond of the smell.

Now I'll tell you about the two times Efficascent Oil made two memorable moments for me.

The first one:

When I worked as a writer in Makati. Not really a writer in the mold of a newspaper writer or a book author or a novelist. My work as a writer? I just fast-read or scan through an article, get what it's really saying, type a short summary, then go on to the next article, read and type, read and type, read and type, until my arms and hands hurt. That would be the time I get my Efficascent Oil, then massage some into my arms and hands, and sometimes up to my shoulders.

One day, one of the nicer men in our department sat infront of the PC next to mine, and decided to work there. When it was time to use my Efficascent Oil, I asked this male seatmate if he minds the smell of Efficascent Oil. "No," he replied. And when he said "In fact, I like the smell!" I was so glad. 

"Here's one who does not go away or cover their nose when they smell Efficascent Oil," I told myself.

"Oh, that's great!" I said, smiling at him. Finally I found a male species that liked Efficascent Oil too. Then he said, "You know why I don't mind? "Why?" I asked.  He said "Because it reminds me of my late grandma. I love my grandma, so don't worry."

The second one:
It happened months ago, at a new big supermarket inside a new big mall near our house. I was following my two-year-old apo as she excitedly touched and took every item that caught her interest along the aisles. She would be able to put back some in their proper places, but not all, so I had to pick up after her. Her mommy was busy finding the items on her list.

After some time of following around this super energetic toddler, I told my daughter (mommy) to rush up and get done with her groceries so we can go home. I got tired. We then moved to the counter, where while holding my apo, I helped moved groceries from the cart to the counter. 

When we got back to our house, I opened my bag to get my phone, and lo and behold, there was an Efficascent Oil beside my phone! And I immediately realized it was the Efficascent oil I got from the supermarket, and that it was not paid for, as it was in my bag the whole time we were at the counter.

I tried but I couldn't remember when and how I put the Efficascent Oil inside my bag. Was it when I was rushing to get hold of my apo before she would break something? How could I be getting so old already!

My first thought was to pay the Efficascent Oil the next morning. I was already very tired. But my husband was mad.

He told me to be careful and mindful next time. He asked why I didn't put the item in the cart right away. I explained I was away from my daughter's cart as I was running after her daughter! 

Then my husband laughed and laughed. He imagined me getting caught by a CCTV putting the Efficascent Oil in my bag
and then being recognized by our neighbors from posters showing my face from the CCTV and what I did!
I reasoned though, and I was sure that if they really caught me on CCTV, they can see, just from my face, or my
actuations, that it was not my intent to put the bottle into my bag and steal it. I must have been running after my
apo, and when I put my phone into my bag to hold my apo, the Efficascent Oil must have slipped in my bag with the phone.

Realizing there could have been indeed a CCTV that caught me putting the Efficascent Oil in my bag, I quickly "ordered" my husband to rush me back to the mall's supermarket. It was good there was still about an hour before closing time. My plan was to explain to the cashier what happened, but it might get complicated, so I just entered the supermarket without rushing and went immediately to the cashier, paid for the Efficascent Oil, and got my receipt. I made sure that if there was a CCTV, my movement was only from the entrance, then to the cashier.
It's now many months since this happened, and no news or story or CCTV footage came out about my Efficascent Oil episode.

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