BioNase Phototherapy

This is the BioNase phototherapy device.

What is BioNase?

BioNase is a pocket-sized intra-nasal device that uses
light to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis or hay

How does it work?

BioNase uses visible light with a frequency of 630 nm
at a narrow band wavelength to relieve symptoms.

Studies found that this light frequency and wavelength
level is the best level for treatment.

Does BioNase have side effects?

None. BioNase is safe for both adults and children. It
has no known side effects. It does not use drugs and
it uses a natural healing resource -- which is light.

Is BioNase easy to use?

Yes. You just put the two prongs of the BioNase in
your nose for 4.5 minutes three times a day.

You can do it while reading, watching TV, surfing the
Net or talking with your family members.

You do not need to time your session to turn the
BioNase off. BioNase automatically turns off at the
end of the session.

Who made BioNase?

SyroLight, part of The Syro Group. This company is a leading manufacturer of phototherapeutic medical devices that applies the healing power of low-level narrow ban (LLNB) red light.

Syro Group, launched in 1985, holds the original patents to the LED technology used in phototherapy devices.

Is BioNase approved by medical standardization institutes?

Yes. BioNase is certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, with the certification number 499/499CE and compliant with the European Union Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

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